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Gästboken verkar INTE fungera igen... Fan...


Alright, peeps! Do NOT try to contact us through our guestbook, since it's being filled with crap, nonsense, idiotic ads that won't show anyhow, please send us an e-mail instead if you wish to contact us. We have no chance in hell to keep track of any messages that people may have left in our guestbook. Here is our e-mail adresses: Flum ( Chrille ( Jalle ( Viktor ( Cheers! The Bloody Stinking Bastards


Any rumour you may heard about that Bloody Stinking Bastards is dead you can ignore. We are still kicking it, just not as hard...


Thank you all that supported us on the last gig on march 2 even that we had technical probs. Asskiss!


No, we're not playing on saturday the 24th anymore. We had to cancel due to sickness. Sorry, folks, see ya'll next weekend at henriksberg with SHARKSOUP(germany) instead! Stay tuned!

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