In a country far, far away in the north of Europe, called Sweden, in a city known as Gothenburg...

In the year of mass chaos, anno 1999, five drunk punx were gathered from the darkest corners of Gothenburg, Härryda and Lerum to fight against the evil that had cleansed their world from all good things, the society, the system... "Something has to be done" they said, "this can not go on any further". For many years they had felt this evil force that had trapped their world for centuries. Now it was time to do something about this evil, the so called society. These five heroic punx started a band, yet without a name, for long they argued about a name for their righteous band. One of the punx fell victim to the evil and grey society, now there were only four left, but the rest kept fighting on. The band found a legendary name, "The Bloody Stinking Bastards". Now, with a name and at least five years on their backs, they still fight against the forces of evil, the society, the system...

The struggle never ends, the fight goes on, for the punx, against the system, against the so called society...

Never Surrender!


Punk Illegal

10 June -06
Underjorden, GBG
Other bands: Frost & GBG Punx.

Alley Cat Allnighter #2

26 May -06
Musikens Hus, GBG
Other bands: Frantic Flintstones, The Studs, Spinballs & Rolling Dice.

Release Party/GBG Pirates

9 March -06
Henriksberg, GBG
Other bands: The Underdogs, Fistful & Beat Up Betty.

Rock City

28 May -05
Röda Rummet, GBG
Other bands: Subdue.

GBG Pirates

19 May -05
Cronan, GBG
Other bands: The Studs.

Klubb Punkterad

29 April -05
Henriksberg, GBG
Other bands: Red Autumn Day.

Music From The Gutter

15 April -05
Magasin 15, Trollhättan
Other bands: The Disturbances, The Studs.


19 March -05
Meeths Unga Salonger, GBG
Other bands: Snorting Maradonas, Tihi Mix City etc.

Minnesspelning till Jonas & Juan

3 January -05
Majvallen, GBG
Other bands: Kalashnikov, Radio 69, The Underdogs etc.

GBG Pirates

11 November -04
Kompaniet, GBG
Other bands: Kalashnikov, The Flap-jacks, The Studs, Kapten Kermit, Garbage Dump.

Last Exit

15 May -04
Gamlestadskrogen, GBG
Other bands: Project Hopeless.

Uddevalla Punk

8 May -04
Kafé Hvitfeldt, Uddevalla
Other bands: Fornicators, Jinx, Tiny T-Shirts etc.

Kulturföreningen GLÖD

8 November -03
Piren, Helsinborg
1 day punk festival.
Other bands: Kalashnikov & Bullshit detector.

Rock City

12 July -03
Röda Rummet, Järntorget, GBG
Other bands: Asphalt, Lucky Losers.

Crustfest -03

4-5 July -03
Björklokalen, Färjestaden, Öland
2 day punk festival.
Other bands: Rövsvett, Kalashnikov, Counterblast, Mörder etc.

Student Party

27 May -03
Hedarps, Hällesåker
Student party


12 May -03
Munkebäcksgymnasiet, GBG
Other bands: Sacred sailors, Flatbread.

Uddevalla punk

22 Mars -03
Bryggeriet, Uddevalla
Other bands: The Fornicators, Photoparade, Drunx Incharge etc.


4 May -02
M15, Trollhättan
Other bands: Murdered cop etc.

Ung Vänster Gig

6 April -01
Biskopsgården, GBG
Other bands: Kalashnikov etc.


Spring -00
Rydbergsschool, Lerum
Other bands: Unknown