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New tracks from the upcoming LP, Recorded -04

Punx Of Gothenburg
Fit For Fight

Unreleased Tracks, Recorded -03

Here They Come
Soldier Cunt]
Sick Punx
A War For Nothing*
Unemployed Happiness*

*Recorded Live At Munkebäcksgymnasiet.

"For The Glory Of Gothenburg" -01

From this day we'll not sell our old "For The Glory Of Gothenburg" CD anymore. So the only way to get it is to download it. But what the heck, now it's free.

Open That Beer
Youth Of Yesterday
Fuck Halloween
Take It Back
Jenny Green
Drunken Sailor
For_The Glory Of Gothenburg

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Open That Beer


Rock City-gig 28 May -05

Photos by Kristina Kärrberg
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Kompaniet-gig 11 November -04

Photos by Malin Eriksson
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Last Exit-gig 15 May -04

Photos by Tony Boufadene
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Rehearsal Pics -04

Photos by BSB
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Crustfest-gig 4-5 July -03

Photos by Malin Carlsson
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BSB -01

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Presspicture -05

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Open that beer!
Fuck halloween
For the glory of Gothenburg
I Love You
Take it back
Jenny Green
Youth of yesterday
Fit For Fight
Unemployed Happiness

open that beer!

out on the streets and make some noise
drinking lots of beer, me and the boys
just going around, nowhere to
we're just boozing, nothing else to do

we're all drunk, so fucking nice
all my friends, a bunch of crazy guys
bob is puking, everybody laughs
we meet some boneheads and break their jaws

oi! oi! open that beer!
me and the boys, we got nothing to fear

the beer is flowing down our throats
laughing at old people, looking like goats
just going around, walking without a goal
our future is black, black as coal

we don't give a fuck, we're just drinking
and we don´t care what your thinking
it´s not your problem, we just wanna be drunk
so shut your mouth 'cause we're the fucking punx!


fuck halloween

why should we americanize our style of life?
pumpkin jack, mcdonald's and fucking burger king
dead bodies hanging from the tree and bloody knives
now is the time for the fucking halloween

fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, halloween
fuck halloween, fuck halloween

fuck amerika and fuck everyone who joins it
what is the meaning of this brainwash bullshit?
there's nothing in it for me, why should i join it?
let's carve a fucking pumpkin and burn the shit!


for the glory of gothenburg

this where i was born
this is where i'm gonna die

gothenburg, gothenburg
for the glory of gothenburg

this is where i get fucking drunk
this is where i fucking pass out

if i get smacked a friday night
this is where it always happens

this is our tribute to you
the city of pride and glory


i love you

i fucking hate you
i can’t stand you
just wanna kill you
wanna smash your face

i hate you - die, you fuck!
i hate you - die, you cunt!

i wanna break your ribs
i wanna break your legs
i wanna crush your skull
i fucking hate you

you annoy me
i want you dead
i wanna cut your throat
i fucking hate you


take it back

now the fucking media lies has gone mad
you can't see the difference, it's too sad
i don't wanna hug some fucking trees,
all i wanna do is drink some beers
i'm not a stupid hippie, i rather kick their heads
kick 'em, smash 'em, everything spreads
it doesn't make sense, why mix us up?

take it back
i´m not a fucking hippie
never gonna be, never wanna be


jenny green

it's friday night and jenny's on the pub
she's having lots of fun with her friends
nothing to bother, she's at the club
she's drinking beer and the air is getting tense

poor jenny green
she was a victim of the rape assaults

jenny was just walking around the corner
walking out of the pub, such a dumb idea
she was followed by a couple of men
then they pulled her away from the safety

jenny didn't have a chance to run
she was raped and nobody saw it
they took her life with a gun
jenny didn't have a chance to run


youth of yesterday

stunning riots and aggressive chaos
fires burning really bright tonight
the vandals from the morning till the end
destroying everything and having fun

youth of yesterday
soon they are long forgotten

denying the state and everything else
what is going to happen tomorrow?
shoot the king and more raging riots?
but tomorrow it's all long gone

the hate rages through the fucking air
stop talking and get to fuckin' action
vandalise and crush anything else
but tomorrow it's all forgotten


fit for fight

fit for fight
a friday night
pointless life
no hope in sight

don’t wanna think
just wanna drink
drink, drink, drink
until i stink

ain’t got no luck
i’m just a dirty punk
but i don’t give a fuck
i just wanna be drunk


unemployed happiness

i have lost my fucking job
i hope it will turn me into a slob
‘cause now i can drink all day long
that’s why i’m singing this song

unemployed happiness
unemployed happiness

now i don’t have to go to work
‘cause i’m unemployed and drunk
turning into a drifting jerk
i don’t care ‘cause i’m drunk